welcome to my kitchen

I thought I would start out my food blog by showing everyone how to redo a boring apartment kitchen for cheap, while still being able to get your security deposit back.



Yes, typical apartment kitchen. White wall, no color, very blah. Enter my Mom, former art teacher, painter, photographer and currently a newly retired woman redoing almost her whole house. She has lots of ideas and was willing to share with me when I sent her those pictures above. It took us trips to lots of stores searching for patterns and colors that would look good in my kitchen. My sister, Jenny was with us and it was typical mother, daughter, sister event. Lots of laughs about things that nobody else will think is funny and coffee. We had lunch and 5 stores later we had what we needed.



Here is what we did…We did not put up a tile back splash in my apartment kitchen. Duh! Those are plastic place mats put on the wall with little squares of Scotch foam mounting double sided tape. The final cost was around $25! Cheap and it is a happier place that I want to be in. It makes me want to cook everyday, and try new recipes. That is what this site is for, to share my kitchen creations with you.


My mom did so much more in this apartment and I would like to post it all but it is not about food. Maybe some other day, but not now. I don’t even have one recipe on here yet. 🙂

-Jamie Lynn

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