cheddar chicken


This is one of the best meals I make. I made it for some friends one night and they would not leave without the recipe. Every time they make it I get messages that say, making your awesome chicken again. Everyone loves it! You MUST try this. All the flavors mixed together and it is a wonderful taste.

Here we go, I know you want to be eating it as soon as possible!

prep time: 15 minutes   cook time: 40-60 minutes   oven temp: 400°

chicken breasts
sharp cheddar cheese
BBQ sauce
green onions
rotel tomatoes with jalapeno
bacon bits


I always start out by lining my pan with aluminum foil. It makes clean up a lot easier. Place the chicken breasts on pan and shake some salt and pepper on top. It tastes best if you use fresh uncooked chicken breasts. I have used frozen chicken and it just wasn’t as good. Place in the oven at 400° until the juices run clear. Time will depend on how thick your chicken is.

When chicken is done take out of oven and top with your favorite BBQ sauce. I recommend Sweet Baby Ray’s original BBQ sauce, if you have never tried it you don’t know what you are missing. Next add shredded cheddar cheese. As much as you like. (I love cheese so my piece always has a little more.) Finally add tomatoes, bacon bits, and green onions. Place the chicken back in the oven until the cheese is melted and serve immediately.  It is really simple for a meal that is this delicious!




2 thoughts on “cheddar chicken

  1. Jamie introduced us to this recipe and made it for my birthday.
    We love this recipe! Can’t have it often enough and have not gotten tired of it. Works great in the oven. When we want more of a challenge we put it on the grill. That gets messier with the tomatoes and the heat. Yum!! Maybe tonight!!


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